Luxury Small Wayuu Mochila Bag

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Luxury Small Wayuu Mochila  Bag

One of a Kind

These luxury wayuu bag,  Small  Size is special for reunions, parties. These gorgeous Mochilas are Master pieces, hand woven in One  Single Thread and the Wayuu Woman spent 20 days weaving these Small Size Bag.

We certify that our  Wayuu Mochilas are Original   and ” ONE OF A KIND”.  It means that every Mochila is different and unique, because every one shows the  thoughts of the Indigenous weavers. These unique shouder bags aren´t cheap.They are for Shops and Boutiques that want to sell exclusives articles to their clients, because of their quality and gorgeous work.

They are  famous in the world Fashion, thanks  to Vogue Magazine  thath has showed these unique and wonderful bags. We work with Twenty Wayuu Communities From La Guajira  Colombia.The Wayuu  indigenous, hand woven these gorgeous bags, using  only one thread  weaving  inside and outside, like a dense material.

The Wayuu Indigenous  spend from 20  days or more days, making these small    genuine Wayuu Mochila handwoven in One single Thread.

20*24  cms aprox

Weight : 14 ounces- 250  grs aprox



Shipping   10 days after payment

Note about Reserves:

If there are not enough  in inventary, You can order the number of Mochilas you want, but uo should know, that every  Wayuu Bag is different and unique “One of a Knd”. It means that you never  would receive a pattern like the ones in the pictures. You can order for season colors. Handmade Time depends of the order number. Please contact :



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Additional information

Weight 250 g
Dimensions 20 x 20 x 24 cm


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