Wayuu Designed Hats Pompons

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Wayuu Designed Hats Pompons

Wayuu Hats with pompons are hand woven from Toquilla Palm,  by Wayuu Indigenous from la Guajira Colombia. The  famous Wayuu pompons match with the beautiful and colorful hats. The Hats look gorgeous with these unique  and different  adorn. We sell different colors and designs, thath are a perfect complement to wear with  Wayuu Mochilas.The Pompones are handmade by Wayuu Indigenous and they use like adorns in  the sandals, hats, Mochilas, Key Chains and  Head Bands, thath you can buy in our store. These hats are one of a kind. It means that you chose the colors, but no the pattern, because it can be different. You can chose the pompons hat bands too.

Wayuu Hats with pompons are a  Modern Look for summer and Beach. The  famous Wayuu pompons match with the beautiful and colorful hats.


You can reserve orders, but  with these conditions:

1- Different patterns one of a kind : 2 weeks

2-Same pattern, minimum 30 hats. Handmade Production 35 days

Size : 12”*12 “   30x 30 cms

Sizes:  S ,M

Weight :  2.99 ounces   140 grs

Prices depend of the Hat work. They are some Hats with special designs with additional cost.

For wholesale or Wayuu Hats without Pompons, please contact us : info@thesuncollection.com


Shipping   10 days after payment


In line:

2Checkout Payment: Credit Cards and PayPal, Payu Latam, Epayco

Out of Line:

Payments  out of line:

Global transfernece payments, Pyonner and Western Union:   info@thesuncollection.com  



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Additional information

Weight 130 g
Dimensions 30 x 30 x 14 cm

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